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FIFA Mobile Is In Fact A Live Service

FIFA Mobile has been developed for players who are looking for a fast, fun and accessible football game, still offering the in-depth game types and high quality that are so typical of the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise. Players can get started with their favorite players, clubs and leagues in an authentic football experience. Thanks to new exclusive features such as the Attack mode, daily events based on the news of the day and a groundbreaking approach to selecting selections, FIFA Mobile is a totally new way of playing football on your mobile.

"When we created FIFA Mobile, we focused on offering players the most exciting parts of football quickly and in a fun way. This gave the gameplay and compelling new ways to play FIFA on the go, the priority, "said Todd Batty, senior producer. "This meant that we had to make a game that was optimally aimed at the mobile player. This comes down to a fun and social game that loads quickly, works smoothly on all kinds of devices and that is not too big in terms of download and still offers profound functions and content in the game."

The attack mode is a new feature to play EA SPORTS FIFA on mobile and is all about making goals. In this action-packed action-based game type and fast matches, players must try to use as many attack scenarios as possible and then transfer the action to their opponent to do the same. With each scored goal you earn fans in the game that will help you to climb up to higher divisions.

FIFA Mobile introduces Competitions, in which players can set up a competition with friends or join an existing competition with up to 32 players from all over the world. Fight in competitions and come higher and higher in the rankings. In addition, players can earn cooperative competition achievements, fight bragging rights in championships between competitions, and challenge other competitions in tournaments.
Mobile players who are interested in putting together selections have a system with which they can remove unwanted items by combining them and exchanging them for new items in the form of in-game rewards. Thanks to Plans, players can build a bigger and more in-depth club, while it is also a simple tool to unlock valuable items in the game.
All these new ways to play are complemented with a full hybrid gesture and touch control. This gives experienced players more strategic options, while the gameplay remains simple and fun for everyone.

FIFA Mobile is in fact a live service, offering new, authentic daily content and challenges, based on the news of the day in the real football world. If it happens in the football world, players can also experience it in FIFA Mobile via Live events, new Plans or by finding new content in packages.

FIFA Mobile supports a wide range of devices, can be played in 19 languages and is smaller than 100 MB, which is large enough for more than 30 leagues, 650 clubs and 16,000 footballers.

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