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FIFA Mobile Is Also Known As FIFA Soccer

For several years, Electronic Arts has released a mobile version of the game, along with consoles and Pixie versions of FIFA every year. Until the FIFA 16 release, the game's mobile game was also a consonant version of the game, where you could experience the game with different teams in different modes. But since last year, EA has decided to launch a more sophisticated game on Android and the FIFA iPhone, which has a great deal of touch with the original Altimet team, and this year, instead of releasing a separate version, exactly like The PES Mobile Edition, Electronic Arts, released an update for the release of the previous year and has greatly improved it.

As we have mentioned, FIFA Soccer is more like the Altimet team of the original version; if you've experienced this, you know that at first a weak team will be given to you and you will have to play better players by playing. Bring your team stronger than before. FIFA Soccer is pretty much the same, and at the start of the game, you'll start with a weak team and you can now get better players from the packs and use them on your team.

FIFA Soccer, also known as FIFA Mobile, also has a variety of game modes. The first game mode available from the beginning is called VS Attack, in which you compete with other gamers. Of course, the gameplay is not like you're facing each other directly and each one takes control of a team. But in this case you enter a 90 second match against the opponent's team controlled by artificial intelligence, and your opponent will experience exactly the same situation on his phone. You are in these 90 seconds in different scenarios in which you either have to score goals or prevent your opponent from scoring. The more your team is stronger than the opponent, the better the chance to get better goals in the match and you can get more goals. By gaining victory in this mode, you are joining the club and by getting your fans to a specific roof, you can climb higher up and win special prizes.

FIFA Soccer also has other events, such as events or leagues. In an event mode, you have to do a series of events that have a time limit, for example, they need to score a chip or hit four free goals. Successfully delivering events, you'll get special privileges that you can use to open different packages. In league mode, you will be united with other game users and you must try to win alongside each other. In total, FIFA Soccer is in good condition with different game modes and can keep you entertained for a long time.

Like most Android and iPhone games, FIFA Soccer is free and in-app purchases are also included. For example, you can buy real money in real money with real money and buy packages that include better and stronger players and thereby directly increase your chances of winning the tournament. Although in-app purchases are impressive in the game, FIFA Mobile can also be enjoyed for free.

The FIFA Mobile Edition has also improved in terms of gaming and graphics as compared to last year. Hence, we are witnessing a soft control system that lets you do a lot of things with your fingertips on the screen or the touch of players, and you will not need to cling to a lot of keys. The game is also good in terms of graphics, especially since the size of this version of FIFA, unlike earlier versions, is very low and less than 100 MB, its graphics can be considered quite acceptable.

In total, if you're interested in soccer games, FIFA Soccer is also one of the best options to experience on Android and iPhone, and its download is suggested. If you need coins while playing in FIFA Mobile, you can buy coins on u4gm. You can get 2% discount with code "u4gm" if you buy FIFA Mobile coins on U4GM.