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FIFA Mobile Guide: How To Control The Screen

FIFA Mobile, the football game for smartphone platforms, was a major update for many football fans who are into football simulation games. The game has the official license for all major leagues, clubs and even national teams. The game has very few modes, but the gameplay is immensely challenging and engaging. The on-screen controls are highly intuitive and allow user to increase their size so you can play it on smaller screens with the same ease. 

Virtual Stick Controls
Hold and move the Virtual Stick in the direction you want your player to move. You can always let go of the stick at any time and your player will continue to move automatically.

Touch Controls
You can use touch controls at anytime, as well as switch back and forth between touch and button controls on the fly. Play the way you like or mix a bit of everything!

Offensive Skill Moves
You can Tap the SPRINT & SKILL button to perform a skill move while dribbling. Any player with a 90+ Dribbling attribute can also perform an additional Skill Move by swiping up on the SPRINT & SKILL button.

Controls Passing
To pass the ball, simply tap on another teammate, or in space for a through pass. With buttons enabled, you can Tap the PASS button and aim with the virtual stick to ground pass to another player, or use the THROUGH button to pass into space.

Controls Shooting
To shoot, simply Swipe the screen in the direction you want the shot to go, the faster you swipe the stronger the shot will go! With buttons enabled, you can Tap or Hold the SHOOT button and aim with the virtual stick. The longer you Hold the button, the higher the shot will go.

You can add some spin and curve to your shot by curving while you swipe. Better players are more effective at this advanced and powerful technique!

Controls Sprinting
To sprint, simply Hold the SPRINT & SKILL button and move with the virtual stick. While sprinting, your shots and passes will be less accurate.

Switch Player
When defending, either Tap the player you want to control or press the SWITCH button. Control is automatically to the closest defender so that you only have to worry about getting the ball.

Controls Tackling
Simply Tap the opponent to have your player contain and automatically tackle the ball! You can also Hold the SPRINT & TACKLE button to have your player perform the same action.

Free Kicks
When taking a free kick, Swipe from the ball towards the goal to shoot. The speed of your swipe will determine the power and the shape will affect the spin. If you want to pass instead, simply tap on the desired teammate or into space.

Corner Kicks
To take a corner kick, Swipe from the ball towards the penalty box. The speed of your swipe will determine the power and the shape will affect the spin. Alternatively, you can tap on a teammate to have your player try to pass to him or into space.

Penalty Kicks
On Penalty Kicks you can be shooting or saving. When shooting, simply swipe from the ball towards where you want to shot to go, the faster you swipe the stronger the shot will be. When saving, all you have to do is either Swipe or Tap towards a direction and the goalkeeper will jump there. Make sure you time it correctly to the incoming shot!

You can build your team from scratch and hire players, managers and other staff. The game rewards players with in game currency after every match. The currency comes in handy for buying new players, training them and renewing their contract.

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